Our Team

Bishop Bettini. Senior Director, Information Security at Xolv.

Bishop Bettini

Senior Director, Information Security

Our Team

Bishop Bettini is the Senior Director of Information Security at Xolv Technology Solutions™. He is responsible for the security and defense of business-critical information entrusted to Xolv by its customers.

Bishop brings 25 years of cybersecurity experience to Xolv. His career has focused on the unique cybersecurity needs of startups and small businesses, where maximum capabilities are squeezed from limited budgets through a laser focus on implementing core cybersecurity principles, building a security-first workplace culture, and leveraging automation to its fullest.

Outside Xolv, Bishop enjoys spending time with his partner and two children, camping, exploring, and renovating a 2001 Thomas school bus into an RV for a planned two-year excursion around the United States.

Bishop is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Science.